BMW E30 325I turbo (293rwhp-299wtq)

That is turbocharging 2.5l E30 with 293 rwhp
E30 325I turbo

E30 325I turbo Engine:
2.5L Turbo Charging Dynamics Stage 2 Inter-cooled turbo kit
30lb injectors
Billet RRFPR
Spec S3 Clutch
3.64 LSD

E30 325I turbo Suspension:
Eibach springs
Bilstein Struts/Shocks
Eibach adj sway bars

E30 325I turbo Exterior&Interior:
Zender Front Spoiler
ATS Wheels - 17x7.5 Comp Lite Wheels
M-Tec I steering wheel

E30 325I turbo
E30 325I turbo
E30 325I turbo
E30 325I turbo


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