BMW E30 M5 450 hp

Tuning BMW E30 M3 with M5 engine, E30 M5 Power 450 hp / 7030 rpm 
E30 M5

E30 M5 Inlet valve 39,5 mm Schrick (blanco own desing)
Exhaust valve 32,5 mm orginal ...
Massive cylinder head flow works
Schrick valve spring / titanium retainer and lash cap
S50B32 Cam follower
Adjustment camgear
E30 M5 Camsaft
Schrick inlet cam
308 degree / lift 12,2 mm
Schrick exhaust cam
296 degree / lift 11,7 mm
Throttle body BMW M5 3.8 (S38B38) 50 mm
Injector Bosch 420 cc / 5 bar
Air filter ITG Megaflow special made
ECU Haltec E11v2
Ignition MSD 6 AL / distributor
Exhaust manifold 6 – 2 – 1 Stainless steel
Secondary pipe (adjustment)
Thermo coated
Exhaust pipe Stainless steel plate (made by pipe) 3” and hand made mufflers
Piston C.P.S Pistoni special, bore 94,6 mm (balanced)
Connection rod Auto-Verdi, light (balanced, top and end)
Cranksaft Orginal S38B38; balanced
Oil system Orginal and bigger oil cooler
Compression ratio 12:1
(exhaust manifold restricts max power)
Torgue 485 Nm / 6100 rpm
Torgue range 3000 rpm / 355 Nm / 4000-7000 rpm +430 Nm
Flywheel Steel 4,0 kg
Clutch Alcon 184 mm twin plate
Gearbox Sport Getrag 265
factory Group-A race gear ratio and direct gear connection
Differential 4,27 / 75% limited slip
Steering 2,3 round to left-right
E30 M5 Suspension
Front axle
BMW E36 up-right
Öhlins 36HMRCW 2-way coil-over McPhersson strut
Uniball top mounts including camber and height adjustment
Anti-roll bar 34 mm steel (BMW M3 DTM) Dolate-Motorsport
Front whisbone; adjustment / uniball connection
Rear axle
Öhlins HMR 350 3-way coil-over shock absorber
Camber and toe adjustment trailing arms
Uniball connection
E30 M5 Brakes
Front axle
Alcon CR6380 monobloc
Disc; 355/32 mm
Caliper; 6-piston
Rear axle
Alcon caliber; 4-piston
Disc; 330/28 mm
E30 M5 Wheels
ATS DTC 9 X 17”
Body orginal E30 M3
E30 M5 Carbon parts*

front hood*
rear hood*
DTM front- and rear spoiler*
lexan/polycarbonat front/rear side windows and rear window
rollgage(18 mounting points)
Sparco Corsa seats
Sabelt safetybelts 6-mounting points
BMW E30 M5
E30 M5 BMW E30 M5
E30 M5
E30 M5
E30 M5


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