how to save weight of BMW E30 ?

The weight is one of the best things to slow any car down , and if we remove the extra weight of cars they will be more good in handling , drifting and they will go faster , so that's how you can loos weight of BMW E30
how to save weight of BMW E30front seat 37.5lbs

rear seat  25lbs

Head Rests Alone 5.5lbs....

Sun visors 3lbs.

Doors inner tubes 10 lbs.

trunk tar 36-50 lbs.

interior carpeting 34lb

interior tar 15lbs 13oz

rear speaker deck 7lbs. (estimate)

all factory stereo speakers & headunit 11lbs

AC plastic ducting 5lbs.

Front door panels .10lbs.

Rear door panels 8lbs.

Headliner 5lbs. 12.4oz

Rear seat belts 6lbs.

Glovebox 6lbs. (estimate)

sheet metal behind rear seat back 10lbs.

Speaker shelf sheet metal 20l bs.

trunk carpet/lining 17lbs.

spare tire 33lbs.

Radio antenna 2.5lbs.

Full Wind shield washer tank/pump/lines 10lbs

factory Jack 5lbs 2.4ozlbs.

tools/amp/antenna 7lbs.


Anonymous said...

The fist thing that should go if you dont mind a little sound, is the tarr cheets under the carpet..
Then the spare + tools.
Antenna, specially if its electric.

Then for the radicals, the interior, wind shield washer etc..
Be carefull about the roof lining because there is a lot to clean under it and if is imposible to put back on if your not an expert or extremely patient.(I know I tried).
Another thing is the sheet behind the dash board on the fire wall and in the engin bay on the fire wall side there's also a sound/heat shield.

Well have fun!